manage & investigate complex cases

Clientelle’s Case Management solution allows for a collaborative, programmable, flexible business process management. Users can raise cases, investigate, track cases, manage complainants, documents, without ever leaving the comforts of our case management solution. Simple customisable data entry forms, reports, and workflows all meant to ease your work.

Investigate complex cases with powerful capabilities for collecting, sharing, and analyzing data within cases. Share tasks and optimize processes to ensure things dont fall through the cracks.

  • Enter, organize, and review all information, from posts to multimedia information
  • Auto-populate and schedule required reports in organization-specific templates
  • Track metrics and status information surrounding cases and workloads
  • Collaborate with other users to share information and enable transparency
  • Review existing workloads across teams to assign and monitor cases
  • New Cases
  • Ongoing Cases

manage your entire case in one platform

Ease Case Creation

Case Management Solution eases the process of collecting case data by having configurable simple to use forms, that contain prompts to ensure correct data capture.

Manage tasks and processes

Share tasks with team members with role based access, ensuring only users with the requisite permissions can access the shared data. Configure SLA’s to ensure timely delivery of tasks and processes and configure escalations.

Build organizational processes

Enable a strong and robust staff analytical capability through insights that provide staff with better information to recognize potential patterns and report unique client activity.

Short deployment time-frame

Built on an already true and tested framework, our case management solution has short deployment timeframes, easily scalable while incorporating the best practises.

Ensure Visibility & Trust Across Business Silos

As work passes through varying business silos, Our case management preserves the identifying contexts of each piece of work throughout the entire work lifecycle. This helps large organizations integrate, automate, and improve their complex business operations.

Real-time Security & Content Management

A content management system that works with virtually any content type and across varying environments. Access your case data at any time and reduce the time required to make decisions. Role-based security ensure only people with the right permissions access what they are supposed to.

Reduce Investigation Effort and Increase Threat Recognition