Custom Mobile Applications

custom mobility & customer experience solutions

Customer experience is the backbone of all services that Clientelle Consulting offers. When we create custom mobile apps we start by visualizing what the user experience will be like. Today’s enterprises are more mobile than ever, staff and customers are having a preference towards working and interacting with their company while on the move.

We always dedicate time to see how your team works and discover ways with which we can make meaningful change in the way you work. As for your clients we analyze the products and services that you offer and find ways that we can make these easier for your clients; we look at process improvements that make your customers happier.

We offer:

  • Detailed app mockups
  • Rapid development and prototyping
  • IOS and Android apps
Our interaction with mobile devices covers roughly 50% of our day

Mobile devices have totally transformed how great customer experiences are delivered. Interactions to customers now happen in virtual environments and this has upped the expectation in personalization, speed, convenience and efficacy of services that you offer.

Mobile solutions from Clientelle Consulting are the magic bullet that brings together the physical and virtual world. We create tools that work across multiple devices and platforms and offer the consumer a beautiful journey with you.

Enhanced Customer Digital Experience

Interaction and communication on mobile apps is a highly under-utilized feature. Using features such as push notifications, in-app messaging, SMS can provide new avenues for a company to interact with its customers. A business can push out notifications of promotions or consumer education. A mobile app can be used to bring in customers during off-peak hours by promoting pop-up sales. Staff can also offer support and assistance to customers and reduce downtime. In-app feedback can be used to improve customer experience.

Customer Data Analytics

Big Data – A BIG buzzword – the meaning is however quite simple. Big Data is really just all the data that you collect while interacting with your customers. The data you can collect through your mobile app provides a wealth of information and a key window into the habits of spending of your customers. You can use this to personalize the products and services that you offer based on their preferences.

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