Salesforce & Dynamics CRM

we are good at CRM, really good.

Clientelle, CRM consulting team has over 8 years of experience with a deep focus on the Professional and Manufacturing industries. Mobile expertise and the unique ability to implement both Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Open-Source CRM’s.

Why work with us?

We’ve won awards and have certified professionals but we let what we do speak for itself. We like to feel like we are starting out so that we can maintain the drive to keep doing our best. Some of the industries that we cater to in CRM are as follows:

  • Retail, Manufacturing & Construction
  • Government
  • Law firms and security enforcement
  • Management and Consulting
  • One
  • Two
  • Three

highlighted sectors

CRM for Retail, Manufacturing, and Construction

Retail, Manufacturing, and Construction firms, have faced tough economic conditions have forced firms to do the same work with fewer resources. Firms have had to get more creative while improving their profits. Better and longer customer relationships are the bedrock to ensuring that these firms increase their likelihood of winning future jobs.

A custom implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM from Clientelle Consulting can help these firms reduce the time and effort it takes to win such jobs. Historically these firms haven’t had an interest in adoption of CRM, focusing as expected, on their core functions. With the passing of new moons, the times have proved that CRM can be a valuable resource.

By integrating CRM to the existing ERP platforms, useful tools to support customers are now within reach, greatly reducing the administrative overload. A well implemented project from Clientelle Consulting can make all the difference.

CRM for Government

As the private sector improves on customer care, the bar for good service has been raised and the public now expect similar care and attention as they interact with governments.

With an access to a broad spectrum of choices and service options, customers and citizens now expect efficient and seamless, contexualized self service options. They want to interact with governments at a time of their choosing both day and night.

Governments can do better by strengthening these relationships through Clientelle’s cost effective and consumer centric CRM options that have been duly tested in the private sector and are customized for governments.

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